Functional features of PulseGrid II / PulseGrid II Oxy:

  • Constant monitoring of patients moving in and out of the hospital
  • ECG monitoring or multi-parameter monitoring (ECG and/or SpO2)
  • Possibility to connect other vital functions monitors (e.g. blood pressure monitor)
  • Initial remote patient health assessment base on medical algorithms
  • Preview of alarms and current ECG and SPO2 waveforms in the application
  • Effective notification of cases requiring immediate intervention by medical personnel,
    additionally combined with information on patient location
  • Review of patient’s historical examination data
  • The ability to preview ECG and SpO2 on the patient’s device screen
  • Extended view enabling an instant overview of the patient’s current and historical data
  • “Call for help” button
  • “I feel bad” button
  • Patient’s location in and outside the hospital
  • Possibility of constant, simultaneous multi-day observation of many patients; effective notification of cases requiring immediate intervention
  • Possibility of continuous observation of selected ECG waveforms of selected patients

Technical parameters of PulseGrid II / PulseGrid II Oxy:

  • Stationary or remote monitoring
  • Registration of leads I, II and V and calculation of
    leads aVR, aVL and aVF
  • Wireless or wired transmission
  • Advanced medical algorithms
  • Continuous data registration – even if the patient is out of Wi-Fi range
  • Noise filtering
  • Access to the system from a computer or tablet from anywhere in the hospital or outside hospital through
  • 50 Hz filter – filter out electromagnetic interference
  • Detection of the patient’s fall
  • Detection of loss of electrode contact with the patient’s skin
  • Detection of the finger ejection from the SpO2 sensor
  • Lack of contact of the device with the SpO2 sensor detection
  • Connectivity with many different SpO2 sensors
  • Warning the system when the device’s battery is low
  • High signal quality – AC / DC converter
  • resolution: 24 bits
  • ECG signal accuracy: <0.5%
  • Saturation measurement accuracy +/- 3% for 70 – 100%
  • Noise level for ECG signal <1.5 μV (RMS)
  • Weight of the device with battery: 150 g
  • TelePulse II, 170 g TelePulse II Oxy
  • Device dimensions: 2.5cm x 7.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Device display: 1.5 inches
  • Other device parameters: high quality wiring
    connector (difficult to damage), robust casing